iPrimus Broadband

iprimus broadband

iPrimus is one of the leading providers of broadband internet services in Australia. The company is popular among internet users for its wide range of high-speed broadband plans that are comprehensively designed to suit the specific needs of internet users. The company offers high-speed internet broadband services to subscribers across Australia.

iPrimus offers an assortment of flexible broadband plans that promise high-speed broadband internet at incredible speeds of 24mbps. Depending on the features of the package, users can enjoy a prescribed data limit that can reach up to 500GB! Moreover, packages with higher data limits have reasonable peak-time and off-peak time that are planned keeping the convenience of users in mind.

Even if subscribers happen to exceed the predetermined data limit, iPrimus does not cut-off the internet connection until the next billing month or levy additional charges for excess usage. Instead, it allows subscribers to continue usage at a shaped speed of 1mbps. And the best feature yet is that subscribers are not levied any switching charges if they wish to change their broadband plan.

Some key features that iPrimus offers with its broadband packages are anti-virus and anti-spam protection, webmail access, email account forwarding, web-based account toolbox, IPGN gaming network access, and 10MB of personal web space!

Packages also include the Home Phone feature that allows users to make unlimited calls on local landline numbers at a fixed monthly rent. Moreover, subscribers can also make calls on mobile numbers, and national and international landline numbers at highly competitive rates.