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TransACT Broadband

TransACT Broadband

TransACT has its very own network through which it offers Grapevine broadband, one of the leading broadband internet services in Australia. TransACT offers a variety of packages that are specially planned keeping in mind the lifestyle of subscribers with incredible high-speed internet of 20mbps that offers faster browsing, quicker downloads, and effortless video streaming.

The prescribed monthly data quota can range between 10GB and 1 terabyte, and TransACT does not levy any extra charges or suspend the connection in case the monthly data quota has been exceeded. In fact, subscribers can continue to use the internet speed until the start of the next billing month but at a shaped speed of 1mbps.

Moreover, all packages have reasonable peak-time (10am to 2am) and off-peak time that are planned keeping the convenience of users in mind. The offer subscribers a range of flexible options so that they are not levied any switching charges if they wish to change their broadband plan. Here are some of the best packages that TransACT offer:

1 Terabyte: At a monthly charge of $100, this plan offers high-speed broadband internet with an incredible speed of 20mbps and a monthly data quota of 1 terabyte. The data quota is divided into peak time and off-peak time.

400 Gigabyte: At $70 a month, this plan offers high-speed broadband internet with a monthly data quota of 400GB which is divided equally into peak time and off-peak time.

Other key features that are included in all of TransACT’s broadband plans are, 2 email addresses with 1GB of storage capacity per mailbox, and complimentary anti-virus and anti-spam protection.