TPG broadband

TPG Broadband

TPG is considered to be one of the best providers of Broadband, ADSL2+, and Naked ADSL2+ in south-east Australia. One reason why TPG’s popularity ratings among internet users have gone off the charts is that it really cares about what the customer wants. For instance, most internet service providers count uploads to the monthly data limit while TPG offers virtually unlimited data uploads that does not use up data limit.
TPG promises lightning-fast ADSL2+ internet speed with a monthly usage quota that suits their usage. Internet packages also include IPTV bundle that allows subscribers access to high quality TV content on their PC or notebook. This makes TPG the first choice of internet users who have a habit of sending and receiving large volumes of downloadable data and rich high-quality content. Here are some of the best broadband internet plans that TPG offers:
• ADSL2+ 500GB – This internet plan offers lightning-fast ADSL2+ internet at an incredible speed of 20mbps. The package is available on a contract period of 12 or 18 months at an affordable price of $49.99 a month with a data usage quota of 500GB.
• ADSL2+ Unlimited – With an amazing ADSL2+ speed of 20mbps, this plan offers unrestricted internet usage with absolutely unlimited browsing, uploads and downloads. The plan is available on a contract period of 12 or 18 months at a price of $59.99. This plan is ideal for heavy internet users. This package is ideal for heavy internet users who like to keep their download list populated at all times.

Terms & Conditions
Important: Above Home Phone Line Rental Monthly & Setup pricing is discounted based on new customers agreeing to waive the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG). Any customer who does not agree to waive the CSG will be charged $45 for TPG Home Phone Line Rental per month and a setup fee of $500 for both 6 Month and 18 Month Contracts.
Minimum total cost for ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle plans over contract term calculated as: (contract term) x $(ADSL2+ monthly access charge + Home Phone monthly access charge $30) + setup + $20 Home Phone Deposit. Early termination fees apply.