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Optus Broadband

Optus Broadband

Optus has been catering to the internet and telephony needs of Australian towns for many years and is among the oldest providers of broadband solutions in the country. The company offers high-speed broadband connections at highly affordable and competitive prices. Users have the option of selecting from among an array of packages that all have different data limits and incredible transfer speeds specifically designed for different market niches.

Therefore, people who have only a fairly moderate use of internet on a monthly basis can opt for a package having a data limit of 120GB, while heavy internet users can choose a high-speed internet package with unlimited data usage and incredible transfer speed of 24Mbps. Optus has devised a package for every market niche, regardless of whether they are heavy internet users, employed persons, or students.

Additionally, users are not levied any extra charges even they happen to exceed the allotted data limit; neither is the connection terminated until the start of the next billing month. Instead, the speed of data transfer is simply readjusted to 256kbps, allowing users virtually unlimited internet access at no extra charges! Most packages have an included Home Phone feature which allows users to make free local calls at a fixed monthly charge. National and international calls are also allowed at heavily discounted rates.

So, whether youre in pursuit of the perfect broadband bundle with home phone or mobile, Optus has just the right package to suit your needs. With most packages, subscription also entitles users to a WIFI modem that offers high-speed wireless internet on the go! Optus also offers home delivery and connection setup at no charge!