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Netspace Broadband

Netspace Broadband

Netspace initially came into business by catering to the internet needs of residents and businesses in Melbourne. Today, the business offers internet services to a vast clientele spread across Tasmania. Netspace has limited its services to providing ADSL internet services specially planned to fulfill the needs of businesses and residential customers.

It offers comprehensive internet data plans that offer high-speed internet speed ranging from 256kbps to an incredible 8MB, depending on the ADSL1 package that users subscribe to. Furthermore, the company also offers ADSL2 package with an amazing internet speed that is consistently maintained at 20Mbps. this speed is ideal for heavy internet users who like to populate their downloads list frequently.

Data limits are generously set allowing users to enjoy practically unrestricted internet throughout the month. This allows them to download entire seasons of their favorite TV shows without having to worry much about crossing the data usage limit. And even if internet users happen to surpass the prescribed data usage limit, no charges are levied upon the internet user. Instead, the user can continue to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet at an adjusted speed of 128kbps.

Quite recently, Netspace has started offering Naked DSL services with internet speeds similar to ADSL2+ but minus a monthly home line rental. The ADSL2+ plan also offers a range of extra features and services such as free email virus and spam filter. Although initial set-up fee applies to most contracts, it is waived off upon subscribing to a 24 month contract. All these features make Netspace the first choice of many internet users in Melbourne.