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Internode Broadband

Internode Broadband

Internode provides comprehensive ADSL high-speed internet solutions to homes and businesses across major parts of Australia. Services are limited only by the availability of an ADSL-compatible telephone exchange. The company’s massive network provides 3G NodeMobile Data service to nearly 96% of Australian towns with the help of Optus 3G.

Internode offers high-speed broadband connection with an amazing speed of nearly 20Mbps. This encourages effortless browsing, lightning-fast downloads and uninterrupted video streaming. Depending on the broadband plan, subscribers can enjoy up to 500GB of allotted monthly data usage.

Internode’s various broadband packages are exceptionally well-planned to cater both moderate and heavy internet users. The best thing about these plans is that internet users never have to worry about peak-time and off-peak-time. This ensures that they can enjoy high-speed internet round the clock without rather than having to wait for the appropriate time.

Subscribers can also ‘upsize’ their monthly data usage quota if they believe that they will surely exceed it. Moreover, even if they happen to exceed the monthly limit on data usage, they can simply continue using the internet at a shaped speed of 128kbps rather than having to worry about disconnection or additional charges.

Internode also offers ardent gamers one of the largest and most popular online gaming services across Australia. Subscribers also get essential features with different packages, such as Virus blocker and Spam Filter, which are user-configurable and are provided at no extra charge. Internode also offers tons of cool iApplications and an ever-growing network of Wi-Fi Hotspots across Australia.