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Amnet Broadband

Amnet Broadband

Amnet has always iterated its commitment to offer high-quality internet services to homes and businesses across Australia while also focusing on the little things. This is mainly why Amnet offers a range of incredible high-speed internet plans at extremely reasonable prices. And it has countless awards to prove its popularity too!

Although the company is based in Perth, services are in no way restricted only to that one city; Amnet has a clientele spread across Australia. All packages are well-planned, offering high-speed internet of up to 20mbps with a prescribed data usage quota that can reach as high as 1000GB. Therefore, subscribers can enjoy virtually unlimited hours of internet with lightning-fast browsing, quicker downloads and smooth video streaming.

Amnet has particularly gained popularity among home-based internet-users for the little things that it knows people care about. For instance, there are no hidden costs in plans and no extra charges are levied upon subscribers in case the allotted monthly data usage quota is exceeded. As a result, Subscrbers need not worry about waiting for the start of the next billing month in case they have exceeded data usage.

Also, unlike some of the most popular internet service providers in Australia that count data usage for uploads too, Amnet offers absolutely free uploads with no effect on the monthly quota on data usage! There is also tons of fun in store for subscribers on the weekend when their off-peak quota is more accessible. Amnet also promises hundreds of iPads to subscribers for referrals and recommendations.