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TPG ADSL2+ 500GB Plus Mobile 49.99

TPG ADSL2+ 500GB Plus Mobile

TPG’s ADSL2+ 500GB Broadband internet package is specially designed to attract the heavy internet users. The incredible broadband speed of 20,000kb/s allows effortless and uninterrupted internet browsing. With ADSL2+ your downloading and uploading time is radically reduced and you can literally download entire television series in a matter of hours.

The 500GB monthly quota for data usage is ideal for heavy internet users who like to maintain a never-ending download list. However, even if the monthly quota has been exceeded, TPG does not terminate the broadband connection instead it allows additional data usage at a shaped speed of 256k/256k for the remainder of the month at absolutely no extra charge.

The broadband connection is available at a reasonable monthly charge of $49.99 with a one-time set up fee of $59.95. However, the set up fee is waived if the 18-month contract package is availed. The mobile SIM card can be included in the any ADSL2+ bundle but will attract an additional monthly cost of $14.99 ($300 Cap Call Value + 1GB Included Data).