Telstra ADSL2+ Complete Home TV

Bigpond Complete Home TV

The Telstra ADSL2+ Complete Home TV 500GB bundle is quite easily the most complete family package. It offers a high-speed ADSL2+ broadband connection with incredible uploading and downloading speeds. The package allows users 500GB worth of internet usage in a month. However, no additional charges are billed even if usage exceeds the allowed monthly quota.

At a monthly price of just $248[1], the package offers users two of the best services, the Telstra Home Line Ultimate and FOXTEL from Telstra Platinum iQ. The HomePhone allows users unlimited calls on local landlines and mobile numbers. It also awards $10 worth of absolutely complimentary credit on international calls. HomePhone also offers advanced call features such as Call-Barring, Answering Machine and Caller Line Identification.

However, the main highlight of the package is that it allows customers access to the FOXTEL Platinum iQ. This feature offers FOXTEL entertainment right out of the box with the dedicated T-Box. You can enjoy up to 30 popular FOXTEL channels like Discovery, FOX8, FOX Sports, FOX Sports Play, Showtime Premiere and Movie One without having to make any installations.


[1]An additional upfront charge of $100 is also paid