Dodo ADSL2+ 3 Terabyte

Dodo Broadband

Dodo offers the ADSL2+ 3000GB Tetrabyte plan for the heavy internet user and downloader. The package offers an incredible broadband internet speed of 20,000kb/s that promises the best internet browsing experience with faster surfing and real-time video streaming. The package is ideal for people who spend hours on the internet or who have a never-ending download list.

The allowed monthly data limit is a massive 3000GB which easily meets the requirements of even the heaviest internet users. Subscribers can download music files and movies in minutes and entire seasons of television series in a matter of hours. Moreover the data limit is not divided into peak and off-peak times making it extremely user-friendly.

What makes the package even sweeter is that no excess charges are claimed by Dodo if the monthly data limit is exceeded; Dodo simply cuts down the broadband connection speed until the next billing date. The package is available on a 24 month contract period where the set up fee is waived. A month by month contract is also offered with $69 in set up fee.

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TPG Broadband

Moderate internet users sometimes complain that some broadband service providers compromise on speed and focus more on pleasing the heavy users who avail bigger more expensive packages. The ADSL2+ 150GB Broadband package by TPG is designed especially to address the complaints of moderate internet users.

With a 12 months contract length and a monthly broadband cost of $39.99, subscribers of this package can enjoy surfing the internet at incredible speeds. The 150GB of data limit is ample keeping in view the limited needs of moderate internet users. The data limit is divided equally for peak times and off-peak times.

And even if you happen to exceed the monthly usage quota, you can still enjoy the service at a readjusted speed of 256kb/s. There is a one-time initial fee of $59.95 which includes charges for the modem as well as for setup. This package is specially tailored to cater to the needs of moderate internet users and families.

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TPG ADSL2+ 500GB Plus Mobile

TPG Broadband

TPG’s ADSL2+ 500GB Broadband internet package is specially designed to attract the heavy internet users. The incredible broadband speed of 20,000kb/s allows effortless and uninterrupted internet browsing. With ADSL2+ your downloading and uploading time is radically reduced and you can literally download entire television series in a matter of hours.

The 500GB monthly quota for data usage is ideal for heavy internet users who like to maintain a never-ending download list. However, even if the monthly quota has been exceeded, TPG does not terminate the broadband connection instead it allows additional data usage at a shaped speed of 256k/256k for the remainder of the month at absolutely no extra charge.

The broadband connection is available at a reasonable monthly charge of $49.99 with a one-time set up fee of $59.95. However, the set up fee is waived if the 18-month contract package is availed. The mobile SIM card can be included in the any ADSL2+ bundle but will attract an additional monthly cost of $14.99 ($300 Cap Call Value + 1GB Included Data).

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Eftel ADSL2+ Broadband Max250

Eftel Broadband

Eftel’s broadband plans promise to offer good service at a competitive price. The BroadbandMax250 package offers a high-speed internet connection that allows you to enjoy the benefits of browsing the internet at lightning fast speed. The advanced ADSL2+ broadband technology provides smooth surfing and fast, uninterrupted downloads.

The allotted monthly quota for data usage is 250GB which is substantial for moderate internet users. Because there is no contract length attached to the package, you can simply pay for the broadband connection as per your monthly usage. The best thing about the package is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges even if you exceed the set quota for monthly usage.

What happens instead is that the speed of your broadband connection is tweaked slightly to compensate for overused data. This means you can literally enjoy free monthly internet worrying about peak times and off-peak times. The BroadbandMax250 plan is available at a pay-per-month price of $49.99 with a set-up fee of $69.

Westnet ADSL2+ Pro 200GB

Westnet Broadband

Westnet has been known to devise the best ADSL2+ broadband plans. Its Broadband2+ 40GB plan is ideal for people who are infrequent internet users as it offers a maximum allotted monthly data limit of 200GB. The speed offered by the ADSL2+ broadband connection is unmatched whether it is for browsing, uploads or downloads.

The monthly data limit is divided equally among peak time and off-peak time. Westnet guarantees no extra billing charges even if the monthly data limit allotted to the subscriber has been exceeded. You will however, notice a slight readjustment in your broadband internet connection with a downgraded speed of 256kb/s until the commencement of the next billing month.

The monthly broadband cost is $49.95. However, upon subscribing to Westnet’s 2-year complete package priced at $1957.55, the modem cost of the package is reduced. Additionally, users can avail the HomePhone package by simply paying an extra $29.95. The HomePhone package offers unlimited local calls and discounted rates on international and national call rates.

SpinTel ADSL2+ 200GB


The ADSL2+ 200GB package by SpinTel offers high-speed broadband internet at a highly affordable price. The package allows you to enjoy the incredible speed of broadband internet with faster browsing and incredible upload and download speed. It is ideal for internet addicts who spend countless hours browsing or downloading large volumes of data.

Although the allotted monthly usage is limited to 200GB, the download limit for peak time or off-peak time has not been set. Moreover, no additional charges are billed even if the allotted monthly usage quota has been exceeded. Instead, the speed of the broadband connection is readjusted to 256kb/s until the next billing date.

The monthly charges for the broadband connection are only $30. However, SpinTel offers a HomePhone deal for an additional monthly line rental charge of $39.95. This deal entitles subscribers to unlimited free calls on all local landlines. It also offers highly competitive rates for nation-wide and international calls. The minimum contract length for this package is a year.

Eftel Duo Unlimited ADSL2+ & Phone

Eftel Broadband

Eftel’s Duo Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband internet package is specially devised to focus on the heavyweights of the internet arena. It has all the features to satiate the appetite of heavy internet users and yet offer them more. With an incredible broadband speed of 24,000kb/s, users can literally cruise through the internet uninterrupted.

Downloading and uploading time is also radically reduced and real-time video streaming is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The unlimited monthly data usage feature allows unrestricted downloads throughout the month. You can download entire television series without needing to worry about remaining data limit for there is none. Moreover, a gigabyte of data takes only minutes to download.

Users no longer have to worry about off-peak time or shaped speed because there is none. For a contract period of 12 months, the monthly broadband cost is $69.95 with a one-time set up fee of $69. A penalty of $350 is levied upon the subscriber in the event of a premature termination of the contract.

For an additional cost of $69.95 per month, users get to enjoy the manifold benefits of Home Phone service. This popular feature offers highly competitive call rates on local landline numbers, national and international numbers and even mobiles.

ClubTelco ADSL2+ Unlimited

ClubTelco broadband

ClubTelco is known to offer some of the most flexible deals on broadband internet packages in Australia. Their ADSL2+ unlimited package offers a high-speed broadband connection at an affordable price. Now you can enjoy fast uninterrupted internet browsing, smooth video streaming and fast downloads of huge volumes of data.

The best thing about the package is that there are no peak times or off-peak times and you can use internet whenever you prefer. It also offers virtually unlimited data usage per month allowing subscribers to enjoy unrestricted internet. Therefore, there is no need to worry about exceeding the monthly data usage quota.

The contract length of the package is 24 months at a highly affordable fee of $39.90 per month with no set up fee. However, a 12 month contract period is also offered but with a one-time set up fee of $69. Moreover, users can also subscribe to a pay-per-month package with a one-time set-up fee of $99.

SpinTel ADSL2+ Unlimited & Phone


SpinTel’s new ADSL2+ Extended Unlimited Broadband plan is the answer to all the downloading needs of the heavy internet users. It offers a high-speed broadband connection promising faster browsing and real-time video streaming of high-quality videos. The great thing about a dedicated ADSL2+ broadband connection is that you can download entire seasons of your favorite shows in a matter of hours.

With absolutely no limit on monthly data usage and no off-peak times, subscribers can literally enjoy unlimited and unrestricted internet usage. With this package they won’t have to worry about things such as outstanding allowed limit or shaped speed. This makes this package ideal for internet users who like to maintain a long never-ending downloads list. The package also offers a Wi-Fi modem for a limited time which allows users roaming wireless internet access.

The package is available on a 24 month contract period with a broadband charge of $70 per month. To activate the HomePhone service, subscribers are charged a monthly line rent of $59.95 along with a bundle cost of $129.95. Home phone service offers free local and national calls on landlines and competitive call rates of $34 per call for mobile phones.

Telstra BigPond Elite 500GB Liberty

Telstra Broadband

The BigPond Elite 500GB Liberty plan by Telstra offers high speed ADSL2+ broadband internet with incredible speed of 20Mbps. The package promises heavy internet users faster browsing and uninterrupted real-time video streaming. Downloading large volumes of data, videos, photos and music files takes no time at all. In fact, you can download an entire gigabyte worth of data in a matter of minutes.

At a monthly broadband cost of $89.95, the package offers 500GB worth of data usage every month. This limit is sufficient even for heavy internet users. Moreover, no extra charges are levied on the subscriber upon exceeding the allotted monthly quota for data usage. Instead, the speed of the broadband connection is readjusted to 256kb/s (shaped speed) until the start of the next billing month.

The package is available for a 24-month contract period at a monthly broadband cost of $89.95. An additional $31.95 per month activates the Home Phone service which allows you to make unlimited calls on local landlines. You can also enjoy highly competitive call rates on national and international landlines and mobile numbers.

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