BigPond Elite 500GB Liberty

Bigpond Elite 500GB

The Elite 500GB Liberty Package by Big Pond offers incredible high-speed internet with 500GB worth of monthly usage. The ADSL2+ connection means virtually unlimited internet browsing and faster downloading speeds of big multimedia files. You can also enjoy faster uploading speed of photos, videos and other files you want to share.
Additionally, no extra charges are levied upon the customer even if the allotted monthly quota of internet usage is exceeded. Instead, all the user should experience is a slight readjustment in the internet speed until the next billing date.
Monthly charges of the package are kept reasonably low at only $89.95 with a 2-year contract term to add to the convenience of the customers. Payments are accepted through credit cards and direct debit with an invoiced bill delivered at the customer’s residence.
Moreover, at an additional monthly charge of just $31.95, users are granted access to the home phone bundle with allows them to make unlimited calls on local numbers. You also gain access to a personal email account with up to 20 MB of web space.

ADSL2+ Home-3

iinet adsl2+ home 3

iiNet has fast earned a reputation in the market as the provider of comprehensive ADSL2+ high-speed broadband packages at affordable prices. The iiNet Home 3 (200GB) ADSL2+ broadband package entitles subscribers to 200 GB worth of monthly internet usage for just $79.95/month. Users can now enjoy high-speed browsing, uploading and downloading speeds with absolutely no interference and interruptions.

A healthy entitlement of 200GB worth of download limit makes sure that you can download all those favorite movies, music files and games without fear or download failures. Another splendid feature of the package is that no excess billing is charged to the subscriber even if the allotted monthly usage quota is exceeded. Instead a slight readjustment will be made in the broadband connection speed until the next billing date.

Download limits have been split in a way as to make the package flexible for subscribers. A 100GB limit is allotted on peak times while another 100GB is set for off-peak times. This allows users flexibility in using their limit over the period of one month.

Exetel 200GB ADSL2+


The best thing about the OT-100 200GB ADSL2+ broadband connection offered by Exetel is that you can enjoy internet browsing at amazing speeds. It matters not whether you are a movie buff who downloads all the latest multimedia content or an ardent gamer looking for large downloadable games files. The speed of this broadband connection is enough to cater to all your internet needs.

At only $29.50 a month, the allotted monthly internet usage quota of 200GB is a generous offer. Of course, the data limit is divided into equal downloadable volumes for peak times and off-peak times. However, excess usage levies no extra charges upon the user. Instead, the speed of the broadband connection is simply readjusted to 512kb/s, literally allowing the user unlimited hours of further usage. You can then enjoy the traditional speed of the package at the start of the next billing month.

The package offers a HomePhone service for an additional monthly rental fee of $20. The homePhone feature allows unlimited local calls on landlines.

iPrimus Unlimited Naked DSL


The best thing about a naked DSL broadband internet connection is that it functions independently of your telephone line. This means you can enjoy faster browsing, upload and download speeds without having to worry about interruptions or disturbances in the connection as is common with other connections.

The iPrimus Unlimited Naked DSL Broadband package offers an unbelievable and consistent browsing speed of 20 MB per second. This means you can literally download entire movies and other large files in a matter of minutes. What is more pleasing to learn for subscribers is that there is no off-peak or peak data allowance because the package offers unlimited monthly usage.

The price of the package has been deliberately kept low at $69 with $129 charged as setup fee. An additional payment of $30 entitles subscribers to the Naked VOIP Total plan which allows them to make unlimited calls on local and national landlines absolutely free of charge. Additionally, Naked VOIP offers up to 200 complimentary minutes for 15 destinations across the world.

ADSL1Max Unlimited


The ADSL 1MAX Plan offered by ClubTelco is perfect for those ardent gamers and movie buffs who want unrestricted access to unlimited internet hours all through the month. The package allows users to enjoy faster downloads, quicker uploads, and a better overall internet experience. And you can do all this while not having the need to worry about the number of hours you have left in your monthly quota.

The ADSL1Max Unlimited package comes with a “0 months” contract length. Additionally, the package can be activated at a reasonable monthly charge of just $50. The one-time set up or installation fee is fairly low at $50 and entitles you to a free ADSL router which you can use to establish a connection between your computer and the nearest ADSL exchange.

The best thing about the package is that you don’t ever have to wait for an off-peak time as anytime is off-peak time. So you can enjoy fast internet browsing, uploads and downloads anytime you log in to your ADSL high-speed internet connection.

Telstra 500GB ADSL+


The ADSL2+ Broadband package by Telstra offers a high-speed broadband internet connection with up to 500 GB worth of internet usage. This means virtually limitless downloads of games and high-quality multimedia files. The ADSL2+ connection is faster as compared to conventional ADSL connections and promises great browsing, surfing, upload and download speeds with minimum disturbance and interference.

Additionally, you will not be billed any extra charges for excess usage and instead the speed of your connection will simply be readjusted to 256 kilobits per second. Additionally, the package offers a home phone option that allows unlimited free calls on local numbers. You also get an email account from the service provider and 20 MB worth of dedicated free space.

You gain access to all these features at a reasonable price of $89.95. for the convenience of the subscribers, online payments through credit cards are also accepted along with direct debit payments.

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