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Off-Net Plans

TPG offers its subscribers a range of internet connection speeds with the Off-net Broadband package. Depending on location and the maximum capacity of the copper cable, speeds can vary between 512Kb/s and 20Mb/s. The Off-Net Broadband package offers a dedicated connection that is outside the bounds of the On-Net DSLAM network. TPG offers its subscribers the following internet packages:

ADSL 512k/100GB – this connection offers a steady internet data transfer rate of 512kb/s with a consistent upload and download speed of 128kb/s. Subscribers are allotted a monthly quota of 100GB worth of downloads which is fairly reasonable once the monthly price of the package of $39.99 is taken into consideration.
ADSL 8M/50GB – This package offers an incredible data transfer speed of 8Mb/s to the subscribers while the maximum upload and download speed is consistent at 384kb/s. The package allows up to 50GB worth of high-speed internet usage (downloads, browsing etc.) and it lasts for a month. This package is priced at $49.99 only.
8M/200GB – this package is almost identical to the ADSL 8M/50GB package except for three notable differences:

  • The overall monthly quota of internet usage is increased to 200GB
  • The monthly charges for this package are $59.99
  • Shaping up speed for uploads and downloads is increased from 128kb/s to 256kb/s

ADSL2+ 50GB – provides a consistent connection speed of 20Mb/s with an upload and download speed of 1Mb/s and a monthly total quota of 50GB for uploads and downloads. Shaping up speed for uploads and downloads is 128kb/s and 256kb/s respectively which is decent at a price of $49.99.
ADSL2+ 200GB – this package offers almost the same features as the 50GB package save the monthly quota of internet usage which has been upgraded to 200GB and the monthly cost which is increased to $59.99.
ADSL2+ 300GB – at the same connection and “shaping-up” speed, the total monthly quota of uploads and downloads is upgraded to 300GB. This package costs $79.99 a month.
ADSL2+ 500GB – this is the highest upgrade of the package with incredible upload and download speeds of 256kb/s and a massive monthly allowance of 500GB worth of data uploading and downloading. TPG offers this package to its subscribers at a monthly charge of $99.99.

Other Off-Net Plan Features
There are a number of other important features that are offered in the Broadband Off-net packages. They are mentioned below:
• No extra charges on exceeding usage limit
• Free-of-charge anti-virus and anti-spam shield
• Complimentary webspace/email account
• Provision of a back-up connection (dial-up) with all broadband packages