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Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

What is a DSLAM?
A DSLAM device is generally used by the central office of telephony service provider. This sophisticated network device gathers signals from the DSL connections of numerous customers and then uses multiplexing to upload them onto a speedy backbone line. Phone companies can offer home subscribers and businesses fastest DSL connection speeds using a DSLAM.
What purpose does a DSLAM serve exactly?
A DSLAM is the primary equipment that allows the completion of a DSL connection. It is a flexible device that supports numerous sorts of DSL in a central office. The DSLAM determines major differences between the internet connections established through cable modems and through ADSL. Cable modems commonly share a single network loop that is spread out around a neighborhood. This means the addition of more users will inevitably lower overall performance of the network. In such connections, a DSLAM provides an independent connection from every subscriber. This means that an addition of new users to the network will barely affect performance.
What benefits does a DSLAM offer the end-user?
Establishing an internet connection using a DSLAM offers a wide range of benefits to the end user. DSLAMs allow internet service subscribers internet connections at incredible speeds. The speed offered by DSLAM is unparalleled, restricted only by two factors:

  1.  The processing capacity of the computer equipment of the internet service subscriber
  2.  The measure of bandwidth that is devoted to DSL by the provider

With the connection between the user and the DSLAM established, a wide range of online tasks can be performed with absolute ease given the incredible speed offered by the connection. DSLAM allows for faster mailing, blogging and shopping.

What are the most common uses of DSLAM?
A handful of businesses install DSLAM on the roof of their property simply to optimize the internet connection and make it more efficient. Hotels commonly use DSLAM as a critical component of their internal communications network other than using it for high-speed internet connection.
Housing DSL services in cities use multiple DSLAM that are strategically distributed around the perimeter of the city typically at switching stations. This allows ISP servers to increase the total number of multiplexer as the population of subscribers increases.