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ADSL Modems

ADSL Modems

What is an ADSL Modem?

An ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modem, also called an ADSL router, is used to establish a connection between a computer station and an internet server. DSL modems ensure faster speeds on the internet because they are tailor-made for DSL connections which allow faster internet speeds as compared to a dial-up connection. DSL Modems allow users access to the telephone line while also providing them an internet connection.

Is an ADSL modem different from a Dial-up Modem?

Although the service that an ADSL modem provides is largely similar to that of a dial-up connection, the major differences between the two are:

ü  In the internet speed that they allow An ADSL provides higher throughput and latency when compared to a dial-up connection. This means that with a higher capacity for data transfers, it offers higher speed of internet connection.

ü  In the setup/technological make-up – Dial-up modem is an internal connection and needs to be “installed” inside a dedicated computer terminal. On the other hand, an ADSL modem  is generally connected to the computer externally through a USB port.

Can I connect TWO computers using an ADSL modem?

You can also use an ADSL modems to establish a network connection between more than two computers (including the server). In such an instance, an Ethernet DSL modem allows a high-speed connection whether it is shared between two computers or more. However, in order to allow networking, the ADSL modem needs to have the capacity to translate network address.

Where can I get the best ADSL Modem?

DSL modems are a common hardware and are readily available in most electronics markets, computer hardware stores and even departmental stores. You can also buy ADSL modems cheaply online via Amazon. While most ADSL Modems are built to last long, something which is obvious considering that they are sedentary hardware devices, researching can nevertheless assure that the best warranty is provided to you in case of a hardware defect. ADSL service providing companies often provide their own DSL modems free of charge.

What does the ADSL modem packaging usually include?

More often than usual, the packaging of ADSL modems includes all the necessary cables apart from the power supply adapter and low pass filters.