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ADSL Loop Extender

ADSL Loop Extender

What are ADSL Loop Extenders?

As its name suggests, an ADSL Loop Extender is a signal amplifier that DSL service providers position between their internet server office and the location of their subscribers. A loop extender serves two primary purposes:

  1. extending the distance that the DSL internet connection can reach
  2. increasing the overall capacity of the DSL connection channel

Until the invention of remote DSLAMs and ADSL loop extenders, the distance of ADSL internet connections from their server location was restricted to roughly 5 to 10 kilometers (3 to 6 miles). However, ADSL Loop Extenders serve the purpose of signal amplifiers, optimizing signal strength so that it can travel farther. Some DSL service providing companies using ADSL Loop Extenders promise high speed internet connections to subscribers as far as 10 miles from their server location.

What benefits do ADSL Loop Extenders really provide?

Outside impairment and obstructions are usually the causative factor of degradation and possible failure of ADSL performance. ADSL Loop Extender allow DSL servers to provide high-speed internet access to remote areas with tested loops that are an amalgamation of refined installation techniques and strong transmission technologies. They maintain a steady connection speed even in conditions that are not conducive of perfect internet speed.

ADSL Loop Extenders also triumph over random impairments and impediments whether in existing connections or new ones. Noisy reception, spectral interference and disturbance are just some of the common problems that they are known to eliminate. Here is a short list of the other benefits that an ADSL Loop Extender offers:

  • Many ADSL companies have been quick to use DSL Loop Extenders for the fact that they literally double the number of customers that are accessible by a single DSL internet server location due to increased signal strength.
  • Another great benefit of ADSL Loop Extenders is that they provide a greater bandwidth. It is common for these devices to increase bandwidth by 2 to 10 times.
  • Minimum signal interference and disturbance means minimum loss of customers due to unavailability of internet service.
  • DSL Loop Extenders also provide extensive protection against instances of over-voltage that can cause serious damage to hardware.