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ADSL Installation Problems

ADSL Installation Problems

An ADSL connection can go wrong because of a wide range of reasons – the splitter/filter, the modem/router or even your phone jack! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (along with their answers) that DSL internet providers get from subscribers of their service.

Why has my broadband stopped working all of a sudden?
In case your ADSL connection suddenly terminates unannounced, there is a high likelihood that the modem is the cause of this. Check by:

  • Switching the modem OFF and then ON again
  • Log in using the username and password
  • Check line and cable connections
  • Try to connect the modem directly to the telephone jack rather than through the filter (to check if the filter is faulty)
  • In the absence of a dedicated ADSL filter, the landline phone is the most common culprit
  • Try replacing the modem with another one

Modem issues sometimes require extra care and it is best to reconfigure them or reset them to factory settings.

Why is my DSL connection so slow?

The speed of a DSL connection is influenced by a range of factors. When you are experiencing slower than usual speeds, check if:

  • Your house is situated at a considerable distance from the server location
  • Your monthly/quarterly quota has been used up
  • Your telephone lines are properly connected to the ports
  • Your modem is not the culprit
  • Your DSL connection’s security has not been compromised by a hacker

Why does my DSL connection end every time my telephone rings?
Using your landline without installing a filter on each telephone in your house is bound to cause interruptions in both the telephone and DSL service. In such cases, interruptions in telephone lines, dropped calls, noise and sudden termination of ADSL connections is common. Installing filters effectively takes care of this problem.

What do I do when I have figured that it is not the modem?
If you have thoroughly scanned the perimeter of your house and are certain that all the hardware is functioning satisfactorily, then the most probable explanation is that you are having problems with internal wiring. Also, check with your service provider to confirm that the problem is not from their end.

My ADSL is slow or stops when it rains
This usually happens when the insulation of copper wires has been compromised due to incessant soaking in the rain. Under such circumstances, the normal speed of the connection is restored some time after it has stopped raining. Reboot the modem if problem persists.