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ADSL2+ Plans

ADSL2+ is the talk of the town. Have you ever imagined of speeds peaking around 24Mbps? No this not something extraterrestrial, this is ADSL2+ Australia!.

What is ADSL2+?

ADSL2+ is the fastest and the cheapest internet option offered in Australia.  With speeds up to 24000 kbps or 24Mbps; ADSL2+ is blistering fast. You can now enjoy simultaneous internet usage on multiple computers with just one internet connection. There are absolutely no download lags or loading time delays in ADSL2+.

Why is ADSL2+ cheaper than ADSL?

The telecommunication industry is driven by constant infrastructural development and genuine market forces. Various concentration measures such as mergers have brought up new and solid companies in the market. Nearly all of the providers offer ADSL2+ broadband service across Australia. Such has been the competitiveness of this market that ADSL2+ is cheaper than ADSL.

Factors determining your ADSL2+ speed

ADSL2+ internet speed might vary due to the following factor:

  • Distance between your point of usage (home or work) to the telephone exchange. The shorter the distance the better speeds you get.
  • The nature of your copper/telephone line. Old landlines can significantly alter high speed packages.

ADSL2+ Packages

ADSL2+ promises faster data transfer rates over longer distances with incredible uploading and downloading speeds.  As with other broadband bundles, ADSL2+ packages are competitively priced on speed and data limit attributes. Data limits of 50GB, 100GB, 150GB, 200GB, 250GB, 300GB, 350GB, 500GB and unlimited are available.

Another important aspect is the option of ‘shaped up’. Shaping is simply slowing down your bundle when you reach your download limit. On the other hand if you don’t shape up your connection, providers may charge fees ranging from 15 cents/MB to 50 cents/GB for excess data usage.

Where to get ADSL2+?

aanNet, Adam Internet, iiNet, Netspace, TPG, Telstra, Optus, and Internode are some of the famous providers. Even though you might have a limited choice in a specific area, but the vast Australian continent is covered by carriers providing ADSL2+ across the country.